IDE for Jython Rules


which IDE can/should I use for writing Jython Rules?
I want to have some kind of IntelliSense, which shows me the possible commands.
I already tried VS Code and Intellij, but I don’t know how to add the openhab packages to these IDE’s

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

I doubt you will actually find anything all that useful. The problem is Jython is not Python. You will find IDEs that support Python, and some of them are quire excellent. You will find IDEs that support Java and they are quite excellent. I doubt you will find an IDE that has an IntelliSense that is both Java and Python aware which is what would be required in this case.

You are using a version of Python running on the JRE that requires awareness of a several Java classes from openHAB’s core. It’s a hybrid environment and it’s pretty niche. I doubt there is any extension to any IDE that can do this.

But I don’t know everything, maybe there is one.