IDE setup and compilation/runtime errors

I’m using the Eclipse Installer 1.6.0 to install the openHAB IDE on a Mac running OS X 10.12.1.

I am following the instructions at: and I’ve selected all the openHAB entries for installation.

After the IDE is configured and the code repositories are cloned, the build mostly succeeds but several projects fail to build. Running “Perform Setup Tasks…” and doing a full clean/rebuild didn’t solve the problems. I see a reference to mysterious build problems in the instructions. Is it expected that there are several hundred build errors (about 10 projects)?

I am able to launch openHAB2 and it appears to start successfully with the default plugins. However, I see one error like the following:

Is there something I should do to avoid this error?

No, I would assume that those projects are openHAB 1 bindings, possibly ones that have a name clash with openHAB 2 bindings?

Is there something I should do to avoid this error?

No, simply ignore it, it is normal and does no harm.

Here are the projects with errors. AFAICT, these errors aren’t name clashes. Many of the errors looks like missing or misconfigured dependencies.

  • Runtime
  • ESH Extensions
    • org.eclipse.smarthome.binding.fsinternetradio.test
  • OH1 Add-ons
    • org.openhab.action.dscalarm
    • org.openhab.binding.exec.test
    • org.openhab.binding.harmonyhub1
    • org.openhab.binding.homematic.test
    • org.openhab.binding.netatmo1
    • org.openhab.rfxcom.test
    • org.openhab.binding.smarthomatic
    • org.openhab.binding.upb
  • OH2 Add-ons
    • org.openhab.binding.systeminfo.test

Where is the current openHAB continuous integration server? Assuming those builds are succeeding, I’d like to understand what’s happening with my build. Thanks.

None of this is your fault - I need to spend some time to fix and clean up the automatically creates workspace; I see those errors, too.

Where is the current openHAB continuous integration server?

Since years at the same place: :slight_smile:

Thanks. I wasn’t sure about cloudbees since I had seen references to Travis CI while googling. So these errors are just related to the Eclipse workspace configuration?

Yes - if you are not interested in these specific projects, just ignore or close them.