IDE setup in macOS

Hi, I follow the instructions in the web-page to setup the IDE environment in macOS and it does not work.
All the add-ons have multiple errors. I have been trying to have the IDE working again since February.
After trying several times I decided to try in windows 7 (in a VM) and it works like a charm.

I tried with Mojave and now with Catalina, in a macbook Pro with an i7 and 32Gb of RAM, java 1.8.0_221.
One issue that I found is that eclipse reports running out of memory. I increased it from 512Mb (as it is setup by default) to 8Gb, but I can only do that after the installation finishes and then re-running the setup tasks doesn’t fix the problems. In windows 7, the default install works and the VM only has 2Gb of RAM. When I install it I always delete the .eclipse .m2 .p2 and the openhab-master folders to have a clean install.

Has anybody successfully installed the eclipse IDE setup for openhab in a mac following the instructions in the openhab documentation?

I have the same problem. I tried several times the last time I’ve used @hilbrand his latest version of the guide

When I install the openhab development project only it works. But when also selecting the add-ons right away it just hangs infinite on 95% (It stayed there for hours before I killed the process).

I could try to add the add-ons project after the initial install finished but I can’t seem to find the right option in Eclipse (I normally use IntelliJ) to add it afterwards.

The documentation has been updated very recently as Mark mentions. If you still have problems and haven’t tried with the new instructions you should certainly have a look.

The default memory is 2048 mb as set in the eclipse.ini file in the eclipse directory. It’s the option -Xmx2048m.

For any development it’s not necessary to add the add-ons project. If you do select it will download all jar files and all source jars for all those bindings. And depending on your network connection this may take a long time. That’s the reason I don’t recommend to use this option in the updated documentation.

If you want to run a specific binding. Get the sources via of the add-ons repo via git:
git clone in the git directory and just import that specific binding in Eclipse. See the documentation mentioned on how to run that binding in the demo environment.

To summarize. There is absolutely no reason to select the add-ons during or after installation of Eclipse!