IDE woes

Two issues, please help.

Downloaded the IDE, and merrily working away on my binding, when suddenly I get an error proxyservlet when firing up my browser.
I have reinstalled the IDE, and it works for the first run, but as soon as I clean and build, the error comes back.
I have searched high and low for a solution, but cant find one. Any help appreciated.

before the above error, my binding was working perfectly, with just one issue to be solved. My discovery service requires a username and password (it connects to an API). How can I pass these in?

Many Thanks in advance

On 2.
That depends on the way the username and password are handed over to the API.
If they are passed (openly) in a connection string, you can declare two strings to be set in the configuration part of the binding.

Use those strings to compose the connect in string.

Thanks for your reply, I clearly didnt make myself clear though.
Im actually a developer (of 30 years) by trade, but new to java and openhab. Its not the principle of the password passing that is the issue but more how do I get these vars into the service.
I have added 2 vars into the xml of the of the discovery service, but cant work out how to access them from within the service. I presume that the user would enter these into the .cfg file of my binding, and that they would be read in automatically, or am I missing something?

Been a while since Ive turned my hand to a new language and framework, forgot what a learning curve it is!
Many thanks.

As for part one… started to figure this out… I have a reliance on json( for the api return), and its when I let eclipse search for this package that the whole thing falls apart.