Idea about solutions mix configuration with Zwave and wired

Hi all,
I’m using openhabian from 3 years and I love this framework, I developed lot of custom bindings for my house. I use a lot of combination device (mostly zwave, but other like netatmo, logitech, bentel absoluta, and Alexa and on my personal openhab cloud connector). Now I’m building a new house and I’d like to mix wired and zwave solution (always on raspberry with openhabian) what do you suggest for the wired solutions? Are there any device like Fibaro for the light, rollershutter, rgb and other (so not just a simple relay but something that gives me information on the meter tempor something like this, to see the status with an openhab binding), but wired (but using zwave in any case for other).

Thank you for any ideas

If you wish any Z-Wave options, you need to tell us what world region you live in. Options vary by region.

No I want to use zwave (and I use it) but mixed with a wired solution too (like Controllino?) Or something like this that can be controlled from openhab