Idea: add ideas section/thread?

Wouldn’t be good to have something like automation ideas (similar to OH Stories) where people can get ideas what are possible automation scenarious/hardware/usecases?

for example i’m looking for some new ideas or inputs what else can be done/added with/to my working setup. I do have in OH various things as heating,lights,garden,swimming pond,presence,multimedia, pve and indeed some complex scenarios with given data…

but as things goes, I do like to have some new impulses. It’s not necessary about hardware but about usable concepts in real life, usecases. Hardware can be DYI or ready to use, does not matter, but usable usecases and ideas are worth more.

just something to thing about as I don’t want just throw thread into OH stories “what you can automate?” :slight_smile:

I recently came across this thread on reddit, I haven’t gone through it completely yet but it may give you some inspiration:

yeah reddit… but reddit is uterly UX shit and a lot of usefull informations which are there are lost forever :smiley:

I don’t see any significant different in intent and use for this new proposed section and the OH Stories thread and all the various “look what I created” threads. I see no reason why you couldn’t start a new thread. I’m hesitant to create a new category, we already have sooooo many.