Idea for Binding: Spotify Connect binding

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(Hilbrand Bouwkamp) #123

@boehan I’ve done some investigation and testing myself and found an issue with starting play of inactive devices. I’ve fixed it and updated the market place binding. If you reinstall the binding from the market place it should work now. Thanks for the feedback, it gave me an idea where to look and identify the problem.

(fuslwusl) #124

I’m using this binding an it works great. But my Amazon Echo gets discovered as an new thing on every restart - so my list of Amazon Echos gets longer and longer. Does anyone have a solution for this problem?

(Hilbrand Bouwkamp) #125

@fuslwusl If a device is getting added every time, it means the identification to identify a device changes every time. It would mean the id changes every time. Can you confirm this is the case? The id is available as the Spotify Device ID in a Spotify Device configuration. It would also mean a Amazon Echo added as Spotify Connect Device Thing before might not be usable anymore as the id has changed. Is that also the case?