[IDEA] Smart Life Binding

Hey everyone. I’ve noticed that a lot of generic smart home devices use an app called Smart Life. Here it is on the Play Store. Is there already a binding for this app? If not, would it be possible to make a binding for this app for OpenHAB? That would be really nice.

I’d much rather have all my smart home devices in OpenHAB than in a generic Chinese smart home app.


It’s all reliant on Tuya and the TuyaAPI. No one seems interested in making a binding for it tho.

You can control them with openhab though. There is post in the forum. I can’t put my finger on them right now though.

I am also interested in a binding for this, I have 2 x wifi bulbs and a sensor so far that I can do naff all with. I like the look of openhab, I will dive in properly when it’s a little more user friendly at the user end. At the moment I would love to set up a few basic rules.


I agree.
Me too waiting for a binding for these devices.
Hope comunity work on this.
I have a lot of led controllers that work with this app.

I flashed one of them and I can only control the intensity of light through mqtt. It is impossible to change the color, and take advantage of all the potentialities of this small controller.
These controllers seem to me, better than those who work with Magic Home because they have an on / off button.
Thanks a lot.

one vote for this binding, i have floor temperature controllers that uses smart home app. They did work in home assistant.

I’ll add my vote to that! i have converted most of my gear with tasmota, but I still have a few stuff that I wasn’t able to convert yet… (like my littlelf camera)

Unfortunately, voting for something to happen in openHAB doesn’t really mean much if a developer isn’t interested in putting in the effort. I’d also like to see it happen, since many people are using Tuya devices and they’re regularly discussed in the community, but it’s going to require someone to volunteer to build and maintain it. Considering how many devices Tuya produces, that could be a significant commitment.