Ideas and example for a self-build wall mount for tablet

I’m using HABPanel on a tablet. The question was how to hang up the tablet so I build a wall mount myself. You can get a short impression here and some more details here ( sorry currently only in german but I think you can get the main points with the pictures).

By the way there is a second video giving a short overview about the CARDUINO device developed by myself ( based on Arduino).
If somebody is interested I can give some more details in the future. Enjoy !


What does the carduino do?


It is the Heart of my smart home you can find more details in the YouTube Video. I enabled the the Video again.

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Thanks! I thought “carduino” had something to do with cars, similar to AutoPi! :smiley:

Your link to the youtube video does not work.

Hi it should work now.

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