Ideas for an fire and forget event on sitemap


on a sitemap I want to implement an action event that the user can “fire” but the item should no change its state.
Currently I am using a switch, always setting it to off once the user has switched it on.
Is there a more elegant way to do that?

Thank you

Do you use a regular switch?

With a sitemap switch and some mappings you can achieve this:

Switch item=myItem label="My-Label" icon="time" mappings=[120="2min", 300="5 min"]

In my case the Item is a number item which then gets a command and is set back to zero at some point.

For a short amount of time it is visibly changed of course:

Nut sure if this is at least a bit “more elegant” for you.
I am using the visible change on purpose as a response for a succesful command.

cool, thanks. That is what I looked for.

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