Identical Entries in .Things and .Items - Dramatically Different Results

Platform information:

  • Hardware: Synology Drive
  • OS: Synology DSM OS
  • Java Runtime Environment: 8.0.212-818
  • openHAB version:
    Note: Everything being done via text editor, no PaperUI config.

Two identical hue bulbs, with identical entries in .things (with different ID of course), dramatically different results in PaperUI “Control” & Cell Phone Application


Bridge hue:bridge:mybridge [ ipAddress=“”, userName=“RVkZfmEpuBshLXmf5jHMCqHV5gqrK0TUwy4jkB1Q”, pollingInterval=“2” ] {
0210 bulb1 “Bhavani’s Nightstand” @ “Master Bedroom” [ lightId=“7” ]
0210 bulb2 “Joel’s Nightstand” @ “Master Bedroom” [ lightId=“8” ]


// Bhavani’s Nightstand
Dimmer BhavaniNightStand_Dimmer { channel=“hue:0210:mybridge:bulb1:color” }
Color Bhavani_Color { channel=“hue:0210:mybridge:bulb1:color” }
Dimmer Bhavani_ColorTemp { channel=“hue:0210:mybridge:bulb1:color_temperature” }
// Joel’s Nightstand
Dimmer JoelNightStand_Dimmer { channel=“hue:0210:mybridge:bulb2:color” }
Color Joel_Color { channel=“hue:0210:mybridge:bulb2:color” }
Dimmer Joel_ColorTemp { channel=“hue:0210:mybridge:bulb2:color_temperature” }

Paper UI Control


I would guess that you potentially configured a few items by adding them through the ‘Inbox’. What I would do is label the items in the config files:

// Bhavani’s Nightstand
Dimmer  BhavaniNightStand_Dimmer   "xx Brightness"  { channel=“hue:0210:mybridge:bulb1:color” }
Color   Bhavani_Color              "xx Color"       { channel=“hue:0210:mybridge:bulb1:color” }
Dimmer  Bhavani_ColorTemp          "xx ColorTemp"   { channel=“hue:0210:mybridge:bulb1:color_temperature” }

Then go to ‘Configuration’ -> ‘Items’ and remove the ones that don’t have the ‘xx’ prefix.

Finally, remove the ‘xx’ prefix from the items file.

No luck. Good tip - changed to xx and things only shows those entries, nothing else. Same problem in the control in PaperUI.

Use REST API to examine your Items in JSON form, you will probably find the binding has supplied different state options for different devices.

What problem is this causing you? PaperUI is an administrators toolbox, and not intended to produce neatly configured displays.