Identifying Nest Devices on local network (OH2)


I am planning to use the combination of mac id scanning (using arp) and nmap (port and OS fingerprinting)
The plan is once devices are identified we may redirect to Nest for authorisation. The response from cloud will anyways have details of all the devices and we can create corresponding things, channels and subsequently items. This all will be part of the Nest binding except for item creation
Is there a smarter approach available to identify Nest devices?

Thanks in Advance.


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The assumption that Nest devices the user is interested in are all on the local network with the openHAB server (and accessible when you try to find them) seems tenuous at best. You might want to wait and write a Nest Weave binding if you are interested in local network access.

So how many parties now want to port or rewrite my OH1 Nest binding? :worried:

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Thanks for your response @watou.

The idea is to automatically show up the devices and initiate the authorisation process in case there are Nest devices on network. Wouldn’t it make life easier to set up? Weave is an option and I am waiting to see when it becomes available.

Looking at the “buzz” - looks like many people are interested in the OH2 Nest binding.