IEC-62056---21-Meter-Binding for OH 2?

I Just started with OH, and try to read an E350 Meter.
For OH1, this seems to be the binding i need:

But searching for IEC-62056 in the OH2 bindings- repo, i get no results:

Is this not available yet, or am i looking in the wrong place?

In the paperUI - Configuration - System - Add management

Enable the Include Legacy 1.x Bindings

Then in the binding management, you will access to the 1.x binding versions


When selecting the legacy bindings, you a will see those OH1 bindings which also have a OH2 version.
I guess the binding in question is either not compatible with OH2 or not tested yet.
Isn’t there another binding which could do the job?

I was able to install the oh1 binding.
Will look around to find a tutorial to get this to work.

I don’t know if there is another binding in oh2 for that, i am still too new with all this.

The SmartMeter Binding which is available since OH 2.4 supports IEC62056-21 protocol