IEC 62056-21Meter Binding Error: Serial port with given name does not exist

First of all many Thanks for the great work of this community which created such a great product!

I have OpenHAB 1.8.3 installed on a Synology NAS DS 412+ (DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 1) and use a Weidmann IRHead on USB. I can read data from the Landis&Gyr E350 Meter with the console (via ssh) but OpenHAB gives me always the follwing error:

17:25:58.427 INFO o.o.b.i.i.Iec6205621MeterBinding[:208] - Created reader meter1 with IEC 62056-21Meter DeviceConfig [serialPort=/dev/ttyUSB0, initMessage=null, baudRateChangeDelay=0, echoHandling=true]!
17:25:58.434 INFO o.o.c.s.AbstractActiveService[:169] - iec6205621meter Refresh Service has been started

17:25:58.657 ERROR o.o.b.i.internal.Meter[:76] - Failed to open serial port /dev/ttyUSB0: Serial port with given name does not exist

i have tested and change ownership to the OpenHab user but it won’t work!

Do you have any advice?

Thanks in advance

After starting OpenHAB in Debug-Mode i was able to localize the error:
Obviousli uses the Java Library for requests for serial port the uucp Group. Unfortunately this group did not exists in Synology.

I had to do the following Tasks:

  • install install usbserial driver from jumbotroll (
  • Create uucp Group
  • Add openhab User to this group
  • give uucp write-rights to /var/locks
  • Create second Group: dialout
  • Add openhab User to this group
    -Give dial out permission on SerialPorts dev/ttyUSB*
  • Add the following string to openhab (depending on how many interfaces you need) etc.
  • restart openhab and the iec-meterbinding shout work…

lots of fun:

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