IFTTT Broken?

Hi all, hopefully I haven’t just done something wrong. I have my Openhab 2 instance connected to myopenhab and everything works, I can change the state of my switches, etc. I have it connected to IFTTT as well and have a couple of applets I am testing with.

No matter what I try, I can’t get anything to Openhab. I’m just using the simple Do button in IFTTT and have tried TOGGLE and ON in the Command to send, but never receive anything in the logs in Openhab or myopenhab.

Is it just broken right now?

Have you added the Items to your openhabcloud.cfg? Only those configured to be shared with external sources can be accessed by IFTTT.

I assume so since you are seeing the Items in your applet config.

Not sure what else to try.

Yep, my items are listed in the config file, show up in the items tab, and update when their status changes. myopenhab’s sitemap works as well, just not IFTTT.


Still not working?
Maybe you need to re-authenticate IFTTT?