IFTTT - First Test

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Hey All

I have OH2 configured with the cloud connector, everything is now linked to myopenhab and showing online.

So far the only connected item in OH2 is my Onkyo amp which im using to test everything (just on off commands) before i start adding lighting etc.

So what i want to test first is just a Do Button from IFTTT to turn on and off my Amp. I can see the item listed on IFTTT but im not sure how to use the command to make it work.

In my persistence file i have this:


and my items file is this:

Switch onkyoPower {onkyo=“ON:hometheater:POWER_ON, OFF:hometheater:POWER_OFF”}

I have modified the turn on a light receipe on IFTTT and added my onkyoPower as the item, with the command:

Command to send:

So far it seems that isnt working. Any ideas on how the IFTTT commands work?

Ok, changed my command to send to: TOGGLE

And it works! Very happy :slight_smile:

Having said that, the more i look into IFTTT i feel that either something changed or i got the wrong idea. Basically i cant create anything useful from this site unless i sign up as a dev for $199 a month?!? I just want to make an applet run on a certain condition but the access i have now doesnt give me any options to say for example “toggle an item when its raining…etc”

The only applets are now the published ones :expressionless:

IFTTT allows you to do one action, that’s it. You can’t add conditions to it.

You can create your own applets. In the “Your Applets” section, there is a button on the right to create a new applet.

Finally, if you set it up to use VoiceCommand instead, you can pass a text to OpenHab and have the action run via a rule in OpenHab. This does offer some flexibility but also some limitation… notably not able to have a number wildcard within a text wildcard. See this thread for some discussion on it: