IFTTT integration

Are there any chances to work again IFTTT with OH?

I’m trying to control my Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum v2 with Google Assistant through IFTTT to clean zones.

I know that I can build my own cloud but openHAB Google Assistant requires some payment services and a lot of configuration.

I know that IFTTT integrations was disabled for flooding, but are there any way to control mi robot with google assistant?


Ok solved securing access to openHAB and webhooks.

Password is stored in clear on IFTTT website. Better solution?

You can use HABApp and just issue a post request after listening to the corresponding items.

I also miss the functionality of IFTTT enormously.
I just have a few items exposed to myopenhab but these control some important rules for me (all in combination with IFTTT applets). I also use google assistant/home in combination with openhab and IFTTT.

What are the best alternatives to get my openhab working again with other IFTTT services.
My own cloud is not an option because I also use google assistant/home and some people said that it’s not a safe option. Same for the webhooks, seems to be not very safe because your password is send in plain text.

Since nobody can say when the openhab IFTTT service goes back to active, I’m also looking for a good and safe alternative.