IFTTT Item List refresh

I would like to change the items connected to IFTTT.
I had already exposed various items to IFTTT and I can also select them there,
After some major changes in my configuration, the items to expose have changed and I do not want to release more than necessary.
How can I update the list of connected items?

  • The changes are done in the Cloud Connector
  • IFTTT has been disconnected and reconnected
    ->no change to the list in IFTTT

I don’t have any Items shared so can’t verify this myself.

First of all, you have only the Items you want to share in the config file, right?

Now try logging into myopenhab.org and click on your username then select account. At the bottom you will see a red button labeled “Delete Items and Events”. That will clear out all your Items. then as your new set of Items change state or update they should get readded and all your old Items will be gone.


that did the Trick.



@rlkoshak: does this procedure delete every single item from my items files :astonished: or only those I shared?

This won’t delete any of your actual Items. It just deletes any knowledge of those Items on the myopenhab.org servers. Your actual Items remain unmodified.

:sweat_smile: Thanks @rlkoshak

For me that doesn‘t do the trick. Don‘t have any idea why. I deleted all items in myopenhab.org, removed the shared item, disconnected ifttt, shared the item again, reconnected ifttt. But ifttt doesn‘t show my item

According to Openhab 2 ifttt options unavailable the item has to change its state before it shows up in ifttt. That did it