IFTTT items

Okay, after searching the ALL forum , I visit every thread related to it.

Nothing helped.
I can expose items to my IFTTT, I tried post updade , change state, and yeah I go to Paper UI - OI - Cloud, and marked all my Items I wanted to expose.
I waited weeks, and nothing. By the way even on the Myopenhab.org > items, it’s not there either.

What can I do please.

I think there were problems with the myopenhab service and the item update (which is needed for ifttt) has been stopped. See This.

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I’m sure there is a problem with the Myopenhab.org service but I saw the thread you send and did not understand anything.
Can you explain me what should I do to fix it?

If you need the service of myopenhab there is nothing you can do (the update service needed by ifttt has been stopped in order to decrease the load to the server).

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I think I need the myopenhab service, but nothing I can do? I expose items , 4 months ago , but from then I can’t really expose items, and even the item in Myopenhab, post that the last update was 1 month ago…
what is goin on… nothing I can do? I can’t use IFTTT anymore?

AFAIK and understand this is the actual case. If it will change again, I do not know.

Any other opinion about this? i’ve Items in Myopenhab.org but there last update was 1 month ago, and Iam not able to expose a new items, even after update , postupdate, new state, change state anything you want I tried anything.


IFTTT is currently disabled in myopenHAB cause of excessive load on our servers. A solution is not found yet, so it is unclear when it will be back again. Only solution for now is to setup your own myopenHAB instance and create your own IFTTT service to connect to it. A search here will give you some more information how to achieve this.

I see, thank you so much, just if you can direct me to any topic that include that info abut My own IFTTT service.

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I did almost everything, except two steps:

I can’t undetstand one it’s MongoDB, I install it, connect to it. and well I dont know that I need to do…

Don‘t know what you quotet, but I never wrote that comment and can not help.

Wired, I quoted your replay above mine, anyway, if someone know what is this Mongo, and can help me with it I will be very apprciat it.

By the way @hmerk This is tutorial on how to create your own service.

Doesn’t IFTTT defeat the whole purpose of OH2? Controlling your home independent of the internet is a priority for me.

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I agree, OH2 dosent really need IFTTT but still there is a things that make things easier for me.

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