IFTTT shows only the first 120 items

Hi there

I got my wioLinks today and connected them to IFTTT to get sensor values into OpenHAB through my.openhab.
By now I get the values. Unfortunately the from the new Item file wiolink.items it shows only the groups I made. Wio1, Wio2, Wio. The myopenhab.persist has * : Strategy = everyChange.

My older items are still accessible from IFTTT. With those I was able to make sure it works generally.
I counted the IFTTT-visible items. Those are 120 (sorry for that IFTTT :-).

Anybody an idea what is going on?




Maybe your old items are still available on my.openhab persistence and this is why IFTTT is showing these items?


That is indeed the case. But how can i delete them?

Go to your accound click on delete Items and events, you will loose of course all your my openhab existing data


That worked indeed. Though to have IFTTT see the items I need to trigger the persistence binding through e.g. a first change of the value.

Thanks so much


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