Ignore read of temperature if

ok i checked it even reboot OH no errors in log file etc but today onece i seen -67 value :frowning:
thing is :
Type number : digoo_temp [ stateTopic=“home/OpenMQTTGateway2/PilighttoMQTT”,transformationPattern=“REGEX:(.\:124.)∩JSONPATH:$.message.temperature”]

Please use code fences. It’s the </> thingy above the box you type in. Then we can see what you see.

It’s not clear; your WARN has magically gone away? It’s not unusual for edits of xxx.things files to not take effect until you restart the binding.

It’s not clear if you’ve seen the -67 value or where you’ve seen it since your last edit/reboot. If you are getting MQTT messages with the ID and with the -67, then you’ll have to chain on the JS as well to filter them out.

i think warn was because i first add line regex and then install transformation.
Message was on mqtt and then iteam change value from 23 to -67.77 so looks like REGEX on my thing wasnt used :frowning: the id of message on mqtt was like before “0” not “124”
I even use visual studio not notepad to edit file.

The REGEX either makes a match and passes the whole message along to JSONPATH, or there is no match and nothing is passed.
The match in this case is to :124, so that can match with "id":124 or "elephant":124876, but not "banana124":367124

You might want to look closely, or perhaps even share with us, the message that you think slipped through.
You might want to check if your Item is linked to any other channels as well.

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Hi, thx againt it works :smiley: just once then i had -67 value meaby some lag of system etc. Since few days it’s ok

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