Ignored Things back in inbox after reboot

Recent upgrade OH2->OH3. I noticed Things that I have ignored in my inbox reappear in my inbox as if they were not ignored I do not have show ignored checked) after reboot. Is this expected behavior?

I think it should not happen, but what I see in my setup is that sometimes “new” devices appear that are actually the same and this is because of different IDs, example:

Both are entries by the chromecast binding for the same device, while other previously as “ignored” entries stay hidden for me:

Thanks @chrismast - unfortunately this appears to be a different problem for me. There are no item sin my ignored items anymore.

This happened to me after several updates, too.
No clue if it is expected behavior…

@Kai - sorry to bug you on something small, but can you weigh in if this is expected behavior or if I should file a bug report?