IKEA bulbs and zigbee binding. Dissapointed... (help)

Hello everyone

Today I began to config my whole house with 33 ikea bulbs. The first 4 bulbs were on point, fast discovering, everything smooth. And then hell began, some bulbs were not being discovered, I had to do discover + bulb reset like 10 times to discover the bulb. No matter the distance, i even stood below the bulbs and no luck.

After one hour of try harding to get links (not on all bulbs tho) then I’m amazed that my things on paperui are completely messed up. Bulbs that are NOT powered on showing online in paperUI. Like I had only 3 bulbs in my entire house and I had 6 bulbs online in paperUI. Also huge delay to send orders like 1-2 seconds and distance seems to be affected I thought zigbee used mesh

I cannot understand how I went from smooth configuration to hell, its like maybe my coordinator is above his limits? I don’t know… Any advices on that? I’m kinda depressed I was really motivated but now I’m like done with home automation

The binding documentation tells how tyou can collect debug logs. Right now, only your system knows what is happening.

Will check the log. I will post it here next weekend. If anyone has any idea why this weird behavior with the zigbee discovering and online/offline status I will be grateful

Yes, if you turn off a bulb, then it is off - the binding doesn’t know this for some time. When you power off a bulb, it is not able to tell the system that it is powering off, so the binding needs to wait to find this out. Powering off routers (ie bulbs) is generally a bad idea. If the coordinator is unable to allow other neighbours to join, then powering off other routers might well prevent more devices joining the network.

That’s quite possible if you are powering off other routers - also you don’t actually say what the coordinator is? Each router (and the coordinator is a router) can only accommodate a small number of other devices, so if you are trying to join these to the coordinator (you say the coordinator is directly below)

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