IKEA E1524/E1810 remote control

Hi all,

This small and cheap Zigbee devices have been mentioned a few times on the forum with people troubleshooting on the programming part. I just want to introduce it from the hardware perspective. It is a little remote control device primarily designed for controlling light. But you can use it for many other purposes. The control has 5 buttons, and for practical purposes, can offer up to 9 relevant states, including the click and hold event for each of the 4 surrounding buttons.

Applications are many. As the name depicted, its primary purpose is to operate as a remote panel. Sure, some of you might say, I can just open the app and click on a button. But this is much more convenient. I just set up one near my bed and program the hold events for the brightness-up and brightness-down buttons to trigger / cancel a security panic alarm. It is much quicker to press the buttons then to have to open the app. Other application includes pressing the central button to turn on / off all the lights.

Cheers & happy new year everyone.

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