IKEA Symfonisk as Audio Sink?


I have been trying to make my IKEA Symfonisk speaker act like an audio sink.
But I haven’t managed to make it work.
When I try playing a file from the OpenHAB console, the volume changes according to what I specify, but I hear no sound at all.
If I do it while a track is playing on the speaker, it just adjusts the volume very briefly and returns to the original volume, but still doesn’t play the file.

I have a Sonos Play:1 which works just fine…

This is the command issued (no track playing):

openhab> smarthome:audio play sonos:SYMFONISK:legerum doorbell.mp3 30

Here is a trace from the log:

Any help appreciated.

Is it listed as a sync device

smarthome:audio sinks


openhab> smarthome:audio sinks
  Sonos (Køkken) (sonos:PLAY1:koekken)
* Sonos (Legerum) (sonos:SYMFONISK:legerum)
  Sonos (Stue) (sonos:PLAY5:stue)
  Sonos (TV) (sonos:Beam:tv)
  Sonos (Værelse) (sonos:PLAY3:vaerelse)
  System Speaker (enhancedjavasound)
  Web Audio (webaudio)

Was this resolved? The symptoms I have seen are similar. With playsound command the Sonos stream is interrupted, volume goes up but nothing is played

The problem disappeared after upgrading to OpenHAB 3, since then it has been working as a sink for audio.

ons. 5. maj 2021 kl. 23.20 skrev Matt via openHAB Community <bot@community.openhab.org>:

Thanks for your response.

I’m already upgraded to OH3. I’ll try removing Sonos and give it another go.