IKEA Trådfri color bulb unreliable

I have several Trådfri lamps and have been using the Gateway and Android app for quite some time without problems. Now I am playing around trying to add openHAB on top.
I am very new to OpenHAB but I have got the Things connected using the v3 gui and are currently playing with the Semantic Model setup. Using the Analyse panel in the Semantic Model I have had great success in controlling the type of light bulbs with no, or limited color selection.

But with the type bulbs with more color options Things gets a little more funky. I get 3 sliders H, S and B and if I thy to move the color or saturation slider, sometimes the other sliders moves to another position to. Sometimes the slider jumps around 1 or 2 sec. after having adjusted one slider.
Comparing with the IKEA App it has only has a 5 x 4 matrix of preprogrammed colors to select from, and I wonder if the bulb is limited to the the same fixed palette. Could it be because the lamp cannot meet the desired setting and selects a random color and intensity, more or less close to the desired?

Unfortunately the result on the lamp often is not close to the selected setting, not sure if the bulb panics and restarts or something. But the behavior makes the OpenHAP/Trådfri combination look and feel unreliable. Is it possible to replace the color slider with one with less resolution like the IKEA app or will I be able to work around this problem when I later get to work with Pages and Rules?