Ikea tradfri controllers - use to control openhab?


I installed the tradfri binding, and i have read the wiki page for the binding, but i am seeing hints on this site, and others, that the controllers from ikea can be used to control other stuff.

So, maybe i should have picked it up, but i am somewhat confused. Can these controllers be used to control openhab system?

The ikea dimmer is very sleek and nice looking, not to mention very cheap, it would be great if i could use these to control whatever i want, from z-wave to ikea, trough openhab.

Is this possible?



Dear Kim,

No that is not possible AFAIK.

Read this in the binding documentation:

The binding also supports read-only data from remote controls and motion sensors (e.g. the battery status). The TRÅDFRI controller and sensor devices currently cannot be observed right away. We assume that they are communicating directly with the bulbs or lamps without routing their commands through the gateway. This makes it nearly impossible to trigger events for pressed buttons. We only can access some static data like the present status or battery level.

Yes, i was afraid of this, but hoping wiki may be outdated. Seems like other systems are doing this, and someone seemed to be working on this for openhab as well, but i could not find any definite answers to if it was completed or abandoned…

Thank yo anyway :slight_smile:


I have been wondering about the same thing. From the Zigbee binding page

it would appear that you can access at least the Motion sensor which the Traadfri binding does not provide access to. It seems reasonable that it would also be possible to access the Dimmer. Of course this would require a zigbee controller.

Just installed a Trådfri motion sensor and despite the fact it is listed in the binding page as compatible, it is useless.
3 battery related channels and a dimmer is available. On the dimmer nothing happens ever and I could not capture any event in the log.