Ikea Trådfri firmware updates

When the device is offline and do not reply to the command, openHAB assumes the device is at its previous state. This is visible in events.log.
It can be some time ( 20-30 minutes) after openHAB is started before the real online/offline state is detected.
I suspect you have bad radio connection in the mesh.
These outlets have been surprisingly good for its price.
However , old software cause these to fall out of the mesh and they must be reincluded if they have old firmware.

He’s using Tradfri binding (which seems to be calling API on tradfri gateway), not zigbee, I don’t thing this thread is relevant to that.

Right, I found out the blinds actually updated a few days later at like 4am, so that works. Still can’t get any bulbs to update to 2.0.029 though. Not sure that I care since they seem to work fine (except one that has probably some hardware failure and keeps changing color to default).

@NilsOF I’ve now implemented this, but can’t fully test it end to end as I don’t have a device with firmware that is in this database. I’ve tested that I can download the firmware from where-ever it is hosted, and have tested that when the device asks for a firmware that we can do a lookup, and tested the download and hash checks, so I think this is mostly ok, but I can’t string it together through the OH console (since I think the UI doesn’t currently support firmware updates @ysc can you confirm this?).

Is this something you could test if you a devices that’s in this database? As we discussed above, it’s impossible to know what devices are provided since there’s no information that links the firmware to a device :frowning:

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Nope, it doesn’t unfortunately. I’m very unfamiliar with that API.


I bought a number av Trådfri E27/GU10/Floalt WS devices when they were first released and have since day 1 had trouble with them randomly dying off. Stuck OFFLINE in either ON or OFF state. Had to be power-cycled. Amongst the 30+ devices, 1-2 died off each week. This was on FW 1.something
After update to 2.3.087 (through deconz) all have been rock solid for more than 3 weeks now.

Time to revisit the Ikea firmware…
I am not happy with how some of my bulbs behave after firmware upgrade.
(They do not accept my Philips Hue motion/lux/temperature sensors as children)
But my work schedule is crazy right now…

IIRC it is reasonably simple - you can just get a list of firmwares that are provided for a device, and then allow the user to select a firmware and send that back to the core. However I’ve also not looked at it for a long time (other than within the binding which of course is a bit different).

I’ll raise this as an issue as it would be good to have it implemented at some stage since it is a core feature of OH and was available previously.