IKEA Tradfri gateway isn't showing up in things

Today I was planing of installing my system all over again. So I downloaded the latest snapshot and started. Everything went fine until I got to IKEA Tradfri. I installed the binding but then the tradfi gateway didn’t show up in “Things” so I couldn’t set it up and because of that it didn’t find any other things.
I thought it was the snapshot, so I did the same thing with version 2.1 of OpenHAB, but it didn’t work that either.
Then I started up my old setup of version 2.1 where the binding and gateway already was intstalled and everything work, but if I remove the tradfri binding and the gateway and then installing the binding again the gateway wont show up among the other things.

Then I check the tradfri app and it said that there was an imported update that was installed, can that be the reason that it doesn’t work anymore. Maybe the install procedure is different efter the update or something else.

Or is there any other thing I have forgot about this binding?
Shouldn’t it only be to installe the binding and then go in to things or inbox and from there configurate the gateway?
I cant find the gateway anywhere.
If I check Bindings under Configuration I can see the tradfri binding, soo it seams like it is installed.

See https://github.com/eclipse/smarthome/issues/4479 for more info.