IKEA Trådfri Gateway

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(dalibor) #143

I got a bit more testing, and it is definitely something with a binding, as soon as I reboot openhab server, binding works fine again both from the openhab and from the ikea native app.
Looks like binding is bombarding the gateway with requests or something, since it also influences native app from working. I will try to determine what is exactly going on and try to get some info out of the logs.

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(Kevin) #144

Same Problem here … I run Openhab 2.2.0 Build 1069… The Tradfri Gateway stop working after few Minutes :frowning:

191 │ Active │ 80 │ │ TRÅDFRI Binding

After reboot the Tradfri Gateway … it works for few Minutes …

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(dalibor) #145

try restarting openhab and see if stability is longer, for me it is stable some time, but I guess after a bit fiddling with items or rules it just stops


(Kevin) #146

Yes … and I think only the RGB Bulb is the Problem …


(Fredrik Jönsson) #147

I found this information in a home automation group on Facebook. I am not sure where to post this information to make sure it is received by the right person but I hope someone here can help.


(Fredrik Jönsson) #148

I now found the text just not a picture.


We at IKEA would like to inform you about a change to our TRÅDFRI Gateway. We are very happy to see your interest in our gateway and have seen that you are using the CoAP interface. We consider the CoAP interface as our internal interface not developed for third party usage and therefore we do not offer any technical support for this usage. However that does not mean that we want to hinder your work in any way.

There are some security improvements in a soon coming update that we would like to inform you about since it will break your implementation. Technically the improvement is that the TRÅDFRI Gateway will start using DTLS Identities which you will need to handle in your application.

Please use the Following string to connect to the TRÅDFRI Gateway and create a new DTLS Identity.

coap-client -m post -u “Client_identity” -k “SECURITY_CODE” -e ‘{“9090”:“IDENTITY”}’ “coaps://IP_ADDRESS:5684/15011/9063”

SECURITY_CODE is what is labelled on the Gateway label, IDENTITY is any string that is representing the connection.
You will then get back a PRE_SHARED_KEY that can be use in all traffic after that.

coap-client -m get -u “IDENTITY” -k “PRE_SHARED_KEY” “coaps://IP_ADDRESS:5684/15001”

We also would like to request that the SECURITY_CODE that is printed on the gateway is never stored permanently in your application.

Best regards
IKEA of Sweden Trådfri team"


Updated ESH bundles in 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT - Important for TRADFRI users
(Kevin) #149

The Gateway Update is now released …Firmware 1.2.42

Perhaps this Firmware solves the Problem … my Gateway is now 30 Minutes up without a Crash …
If the Gateway crashed I reply here :wink:

EDIT: The Gateway crashed :weary:


(dalibor) #150

have you tried restarting openhab/binding?
For me the Ikea gateway works fine, but it is actually openhab that “brakes” it somehow.
Last time all froze, i just restarted openhab server and ikea android app and gateway started working fine (after few minutes of initialization). Then I tested sliders and switched from openhab and there has been no delays/crashes from yesterday. I am suspecting that some process in openhab is disturbing the connection and the gateway, either updating some items, or rules, or maybe network connections fails and when it recovers then the gateway gets bombed by openhab, not sure…
p.s. I do not have any (full) color lights.


(Kai Kreuzer) #151

I have created https://github.com/eclipse/smarthome/issues/4479 - please follow up on that issue, if you have any specific input on the topic. Thanks!


(Ole Morten Rønning) #153

Haven’t read the whole thread, but are you aware of this?
If you haven’t changed the patch cable, give it a try. Worked for me.


(Michael) #154

I’m thinking about to integrate Tradfri into my home automation.

I’m especially interested in integration the motion detector, the remote control and the dimmer handle to control my existing infrastructure. I saw some hints how to integrate the motion detector.

Is an integration of the remote control and dimmer handle possible, too? Can you please share your experience?


(Fredrik Jönsson) #155

You can not detect the remote or motion detection inside openhab but what I am doing is to monitor the lamp that the remote is controlling and in that way I can control other things outside the trådfri system.

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(Michael) #156

Ah OK, I see. The controls signals are not received by the gateway, right?


(Fredrik Jönsson) #157

Yes that is correct with the exception that in the latest version you should now be able to monitor the battery status of the remote but I have not tried that yet.


(Greg Smith) #158

Just a heads up, Tradfri users… I had to re-scan the QR code on the back of my Tradfri hub this weekend, which seemed like bad news until I connected the dots - it appears Ikea has upgraded the iOS app to include intregration with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit. Potentially helpful timing, since discounted Amazon Echo units tend to rain down like manna from heaven on Black Friday…

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(Lars) #159


I would only give a information that I can manage osram ligthify Plug with remote control of tradfri!!

With that connection the Plug it self is also seen in the Tradfri app as “Plug 01” but it is grayed out.
I can switch the plug on and off over the remote control and if I switch on or off a group in the openhab the plugs
do the same as the lamps do!!!

What I can’t do is to check the id out of the gateway for the device… maybe some one can investigate that…



(David Graeff) #160

You are lucky Lars,

my osram smart+ plugs can be paired with tradfri remotes and can be controlled. But as soon as I pair them to the tradfri gateway, they start to switch on/off for about ten times and then get greyed out in the app. They also appear as Plug 01.

Cheers, David


(Anders Jackson) #161

Did you try with a bulb controlled by the remote too? It could be that this is needed to get signals sent from the Trådfri Gateway to react.


(Antares2001) #162

I have an Osram Smart+ bulb running.

Technically pairing with the remote worked and also with the gateway and then controlling from OpenHAB. However, at some point in time - I have no idea why - it just turns on without request.

Any idea what the reason could be? I’m considering getting a Hue Bridge instead to see whether that solves the issue.


(Patoberli) #163

Hi all.
I’m running one of the latest nightly (current installed version around 1 week old) and got a Tradfri gateway. For whatever reason, since an update in March for either the gateway or the nightly version, my gateway is now constantly rebooting as long as the openhab server is connected to the same network. I’ve didsconnected it for the time being, as I need the gateway.