IKEA Trådfri Gateway

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(Daniel Sundberg) #21

Binding is work in progress at the moment, might be ready in a few weeks. In the meantime you can test the latest build here.

(Yoda R10) #22

Ok thank you, is enough to put this jar on the right folder or I have to use eclipse to compile all?

(Daniel Sundberg) #23

Should be enough to put the jar in the “addons” folder.

(Yoda R10) #24

Thank you, it works! Great work!

(Ole Morten Rønning) #25

Nice, I will pop by my local Ikea and pick up a Gateway and a:

tomorrow, and play with this binding over the weekend.

All my other light control is Z-Wave, so I will just use a Z-wave remote (NodOn) for control.

The FLOALT light panels will replace four 4x33W-G9 Halogen roof lights that get way too hot.
The few available G9 Dimmable bulbs are too white for my taste.

Exiting …

(Ole Morten Rønning) #26

Just paired the Android App with the Gateway, but I only get the option to add:

  • Wireless dimmer
  • Remote control or
  • Motion sensor

Does this mean I will need an Ikea Remote Control in addition?
Or is it possible to include items through the binding?
Is the binding controlling Tradfri items through the Remote?

Hm, I will install the binding and see what options I get :slight_smile:

(Ole Morten Rønning) #27

Binding installed fine, entered token -> Online. Nice.
Unpacked my Floalt ceiling lamp and discovered there was actually a Remote control included :slight_smile:

Now, I still wonder if I have to use it. Will check if binding inclusion will detect the lamp without the Remote control.

Since the Android App require the Remote control in order to finish setup, I might as well include it in the end.

(Ole Morten Rønning) #28


Turned out both the mobile App and the Remote Control were needed to set this up, but after the pairing of the Remote to the Gateway (using the mobile App wizard) and the pairing of the Floalt panel to the Remote, the remote is no longer needed.
(I removed the battery from the Remote and the OH2 binding and the mobile App can both still control the panel.)
The moment the panel was paired to the Remote, in appeared in Paper UI Inbox.

By the way, the Remote control of the light panel was lightning fast.
Having worked with Z-wave Remotes through OH2 this was really fast.
(Maybe Z-wave direct association is fast as well, haven’t tried it yet.)

Thanks @funberg for this great binding!

(Helfried Behrendt) #29

Good Work, Just works fine.
What about an enhancement… The PIR and may be the Buttons are things that can be used as Things to trigger other actions.
Yes you can do it indirectly through the bulbs but it would be much better directly.

(Ole Morten Rønning) #30

@funberg, I just tried to add a second Floalt panel, Using the same Remote control as the one that is working paired it into the same Trådfri group, but it did not show up in Paper UI Inbox.

I then removed it from the group, and added a second Remote control to the Gateway and paired the second Floalt panel to that.
Still nothing in the Inbox when scanning the Gateway.

Any tips?
Should both approaches work?

Both works fine in the Trådfri mobile App.

Edit: restarted OH2 and all 3 newly added panels popped up in Inbox :slight_smile:
Edit2: observation: when power cycling the Trådfri Gateway, connection to OH2 is lost. Must restart OH2 in order to reconnect.
Edit3: side note: My Floalt 30x90 panel made a high-pitched humming noise on all dim levels & color temperature different from 0 or 100. Anyone else have this issue? 30x30 panels are dead silent.

(RayBe) #31

@funberg, great that you are developing a binding for the IKEA tradfri hub.
I got a couple of Philips Hue color bulbs.
Will these bulbs work with your binding? Meaning changing of color and hue.
I want to keep the number of bridges/hubs powered on, to a minimum :slight_smile:
Sadly the IKEA bulbs don’t connect to the Philips hue bridge.


(Ole Morten Rønning) #32

They did with an earlier firmware: https://developers.meethue.com/comment/2328#comment-2328

(Slavisa Lukic) #33

Installed the binding, auto discovery work fine. I had installed the starter set with controller and white-tuning bulb.
Unfortunately there were 2 things created for the same device

Another question I have: Is it possible some day to have the remote control thing too, or is it only communication to the devices directly and not to the gateway at all.

(Kai Kreuzer) #34

Hey @funberg, you have fallen pretty silent for the last two weeks, I hope this is just because some vacation and you will be back with us soon :slight_smile:
I had meanwhile created a PR with some changes against your branch, so I hope this will make it in soon.


(Kai Kreuzer) #35

@funberg There is a huge interest in this binding and I am getting a bit nervous that we are not hearing anything back from you. Would be good to know if you are still pursuing it or if somebody else should take the lead on it.

(White) #36

Great work! Any hints how to configure the items? I tried by channeling, but it doesnt seem to work. Creating items in paperUI does though.

(Kai Kreuzer) #37

As @funberg seems to be busy, I have just done a couple of bug fixes and improvements, so that I was now also able to setup and use the gateway with a bulb. I especially like the instant state updates, if the bulbs are controlled by dimmer or IKEA app - these changes are immediately reflected in openHAB, really cool (and much better then Philips hue)!

Unfortunately, I won’t find much time to do much more work on that - so I would be very grateful if some other people could further improve and test the binding.

You can download the latest binary on Artifactory.

(Greg Smith) #38

Wonderful, thanks to everyone who has contributed to this!

I have just installed openHAB 2 today, have it working with my tiny setup (literally just a wemo plug controlling a window air conditioner unit) and was watching this thread to decide if IKEA bulbs were a viable route for my budget setup. I think this answers my question :slight_smile:

(Ole Morten Rønning) #39

Yes, and it goes for the other direction too. When my Z-Wave wall remote sends an update, Ikea turns on immediately. Z-wave devices in the same group follow 2-3 seconds later.

By the way, this bulb http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/20318267/ worked just fine with the old binding, but very nice that you updated it for other bulbs. Too bad @funberg ‘disappeared’ :slight_smile:

I’m very happy with the binding as it is. Only snag is that the hub sometimes, after a OH2 restart, fails to come OnLine.
A second restart always fix this.

(Kai Kreuzer) #40

Thanks for your feedback, glad that it is already working reasonably well! I think we should go through code review and merge it soon - further improvements can be done any time. Definitely want to include it in an upcoming 2.1 release!