Ikea Tradfri - items have no channels

Today one of the members of my household mentioned that one of our lights in the kitchen is “too yellow”. It’s a Zigbee LED white spectrum controller connected to the Ikea Tradfri gateway. I used my phone and played around with OH app trying to change the color of the light… nothing happened. I could change the brightness but not the color. So I opened the official Ikea app… I could change everything just fine.

So I went on looking through OH settings and found an interesting thing… the UI shows no channels for any of the Tradfri devices… like they don’t exist. Shows the devices just fine though.

Now I have my items configured through .items file. These are the two channels that I have for this device:

Dimmer Zgoraj_Kuhinja_Light_Temperature "Luč barva [%d%%]" (Zgoraj_Kuhinja) {channel="tradfri:0220:gwa0c9a0d98edb:65569:color_temperature"}
Dimmer Zgoraj_Kuhinja_Light_Brightness "Luč svetlost [%d%%]" (Zgoraj_Kuhinja) {channel="tradfri:0220:gwa0c9a0d98edb:65569:brightness"}

Setting the brightness works fine, but the temperature… not so much. But if I change the value through the ikea app the change will be reflected in the log just fine.

I am running the latest OH 3.1. I am not sure if this happened when I upgraded to OH3, or to OH 3.1, or even if this happened today. I don’t use the color (temperature) changing capabilities much.

So… any ideas on what could be wrong?

So I did some more playing around… Removing and re-adding the thing has made the channels for it re-appear. But I still cannot change the color temperature. Well I can change it in the UI, it just that the light ignores the change.

Have you found any solution - it seems to be the same problem I have… Can’t SET anything - but UI updates if I change in the IKEA app.

Sadly I didn’t, no. I only change color temperature on one of the lights. And since I am moving from Tradfri gateway to a Conbee gateway soon (when I find some time) I just moved that specific light there.

Hmm… so solution is to move to zigbee/conbee =(

It was a solution for me, yes. I am sure there are other possible solutions as well. Sadly I haven’t found one in reasonable time. And if you are considering moving… I suggest Conbee. I was not happy with the Zigbee binding. It is a bit too limiting.

ok so best to buy conbee usb stick? instead of raspbee?

I mean conbee and raspbee are pretty much the same thing. I am not using a Raspberry pi so I went with conbee since it can be plugged into my server.


i’m using an Tradfri Gateway too and i’ve some IKEA Tradfri Bulbs with adjustable color temperature. This works perfectly from openhab and IKEA App. But i can confirm, that the channels section of the thing is emtpy.

I don’t know why no channels are displayed, even if they are linked.

If you have anything i could try to figure out why it works - let me know.