Ikea trådfri power plug + 433 MHz wall switch


I have an IKEA Trådfri power plug connected through the Ikea gateway and the operhab binding, and I also have a 433MHz wall switch connected through the tellstick binding to Openhab.

If I only operate the plug by the 433 MHz wall switch every thing works fine, but is the 433MHz wall switch is OFF and I turn on the plug on by for instance the IKEA remote I can not get the 433MHz wall switch to work - it has the state OFF and I press OFF again - How can I write a rule that can get updated on OFF even is the state is OFF?
I tried
Item Knapp_Hall_Basement received command OFF
Item Knapp_Hall_Basement received update

But I never get them to trigger if the state of the switch is OFF and I press OFF on the button.


433 MHz devices are one way. You send commands to them. They never send updates back to OH. So you need to infer the state of the switch based on what information you have. Does the IKEA remote events get received by OH? If so then trigger a Rule based on those events.

I use a wall 433 wall switch that sends command and that I can recieve in Openhab through the Telldus binding

I can not get the IKEA remote directly into OH, but I can get the state of the IKEA powerplug

The problem is that once the 433MHz has send “OFF”, and I have changed the state of the plug to “ON” by the IKEA remote, I can not get OH to trigger when I send a new “OFF” from the 433 MHz wall switch

You need to synchronize the Items so when the Switch is ON, regardless of what actually turned it ON, the Item representing that Switch in OH get’s updated. For that you need an event. I have no ideas what events you are getting or not getting. But you will need to trigger a Rule by an event and postUpdate the actual state of the Switch.