IKEA Tradfri "Things"

Hello all,
I’ve recently set up my IKEA Tradfri gateway with its code in the “demo.things” file and added the

Bridge tradfri:gateway:myTradfri [ host=“192.168.x.x”, code=“xxxxxxx” ]
0220 ceilingLight [ id=65537 ]

In the demo.items file I’ve added the following:
Dimmer Light_Ceiling “Ceiling Light [%.1f %%]” ( Lights) {channel=“tradfri:0220:myTradfri:ceilingLight:brightness”}
Dimmer Light_Ceiling_Clr “Colour Temperature [%.1f %%]” (Lights) {channel=“tradfri:220:myTradfri:ceilingLight:color_temperature”}

In the demo.sitemap file I have the following

Switch item=Light_Ceiling
Slider item=Light_Ceiling label="Brightness [%.1f %%]"
Slider item=Light_Ceiling_Clr label=“Colour [%.1f %%]”

The problem that I have is that if I use the switch item on BasicUI to turn the bulb on/off it makes the brighness slider jump to 100% even if the bulb is set to 10%. If I use the slider to change then it works correctly.

At first I thought this was due to my using a switch and slider item but if I comment out 0220 ceilingLight [ id=65537 ] in the demo.things file and use the discovered thing to link it to the items it works perfectly.

Am I doing something wrong or is this some kind of bug?

Actually, it seems that regardless of which method I use to associate the bulb with the items. It seems to work fine initially but after a while it changes its behaviour to the issue described above. I’ve uncommented the line in the demo.things as it isn’t the issue. May be this is a bug