Illegal character in httppostrequest in rule?

10:09:29.485 [ERROR] [untime.internal.engine.RuleEngineImpl] - Rule ‘Garasjedorr’: Illegal character in query at index 98:*****

How should i remedy this?
sendHttpPostRequest ('******

Your password itself might have the illegal character. Make sure your URL is urlencoded, including your password.

My password is plain text just removed from prying eyes on the njet. :grin:

I know it’s plain text but as an example, this is incorrect:

&pwd=Hello World

and should be


tried this and stil got error

Can you copy/paste the entire rule but remove the sensitive info?
I wanted to see your sendHttpPostRequest() line

rule "Garasjedorr"
    Item Garasje changed to ON or 
    Item Garasjedor changed to ON or 
	Item VoiceCommand received command "garasje" 
      sendCommand(Garasje, ON)
      postUpdate (Garasjedor, OFF)
      sendCommand(Garasje, OFF)
      sendHttpPostRequest ('
      sendHttpPostRequest ('