I have been using OpenHAB for a few weeks now, slowly building things up however I have started seeing the attached (to me looks like a major crash) in openhab.log

I’m not sure what I have done but everything seems to work as normal while this crashes in the background. If in paperui I sometimes see a 500 Jersey is not ready yet but it all seems to work as expected. My sitemap works fine.

Being a total noob I’m just curious as to what’s causing this?

I have attached the errors as it’s too bit to put in a post.openhab-error.log (11.6 KB)

See After upgrade to 2.4 stable I'm flooded with java.lang.IllegalStateException.

These are know, and are being dealt with I believe. They occur as you said when interacting with a UI, more often when opening and closing a UI.
Don’t worry, Carry on

Thank you

I believe my illegalexception is being caused by mqtt but will post in the other forum about that. As I use mqtt I can’t disable it.