I'm back, forgotten everything!

Hi all,

After a very busy, harrowing 15 months, my work is finally settling down so I can get back to indulging in some past times again.

Hope everyone is ok and come through to date as best they can with a renewed outlook on life.

A few points of help if I may…

I’ve changed computers so I’m just reconnecting with OH and I can putty into the OHian system which is good as I was convinced I would have forgotten the password by now!

The positive thing is that my OH system has run perfectly for the whole time, set and forget indeed!

However, trying to connect in via VS Code to get my head back in the coding and I can’t remember the UN/PW when mapping the drive…any pointers as to how to reset this please.

I’ve been trying to get back up to speed trawling the forums for ‘new’ stuff and it seems I am a whole version behind now, I’m openhabian 2.5.10.

I’ve read a few of the early upgrade posts that show a few funnies for upgrading via the openhabian console but that was over 6 months ago…where are we now on the version and are the kinks generally ironed out in the latest build? I’d like to upgrade and then get myself back into OH on the latest version but is that asking for trouble?

Any help to get the old grey matter ticking again would be much appreciated.

Set Samba password in menu 34

We’re straight at 3.1 now. But that question cannot be answered as you would like it as the answer (always) is “it depends on you and your config”.
You should be able to upgrade to latest 2.5 first (2.5.12). Eventually fix any issue and once that works, take backups of the conduf (openhab-cli) and the whole system (SD card mirror and Amanda).

Next, read up in the forum about upgrade 2.x → 3.x. Read the 3.0 release notes and breaking changes. You have to modify a couple things like replace Joda time code.

Finally, try upgrading via openhabian-config’s menu 03.

Thanks for the swift reply!

Glad to see my brain isn’t as bad as I thought, I did try this but it didn’t work, I thought there must be a different way. I’m mapping by IP address, that’s right and the subsequent conf folder?

I’ll go and read through the OH3 info, my OH install is pretty simple, a few lights, nest thermostat, iPhone binding and a couple of ifttt pass throughs, (I assume the OH Cloud is still working)…

Hopefully it will be a pretty painless upgrade :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi all,

So a evening of scratching the old noggin and it’s slowly coming back, I fired up the old pc and managed to get into VSCode and got the brain back onto OH. (still can’t work out the password to connect to VSCode on the new pc - and what threw me even more is that I changed the password in OHian menu 34 so assumed the old PC wouldn’t work…)

Went into putty and OHian, told it to upgrade to 2.5.12 in preparation for the jump to 3.1 and now I’ve got the following:

2021-07-04 11:40:11.910 [ERROR] [core.karaf.internal.FeatureInstaller] - Error downloading mvn:org.openhab.addons.bundles/org.openhab.transform.map/[2.5.0,2.6)

Which I’m reading up is becuase the Bintray is now off for v2.5 OH.

So, next question, if I started from scratch, put a new SD in the Pi etc and went for a nice fresh OH3.1 install, how easy is it to C&P the rules I already have back in, (I am aware I’ll need to add the items and bindings etc again etc), or in reality am I making this harder than it needs to be?

I would guess updating openHABian-config should pull in the new repo sources.

Thanks, been working through OHian config to see what I can find to fix…

Trying to upgade / update software packages, inc OHian, and I get the following error:

N: Ignoring file ‘openhab2.liste’ in directory ‘/etc/apt/sources.list.d/’ as it has an invalid filename extension

that should be a warning - not an error. The file openhab2.liste is ignored. Question is: is there a second file either being called openhab or openhab2 and if that content points to the correct repo.
You may remove the file openhab2.liste. There will be no negative impact as it is ignored anyway.

You may be running an ancient openHABian version. Did it ask you to upgade ? What does the menu titlebar say ?

Try in shell cd /opt/openhabian; git checkout main as root.

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Hi, not sure how but despite all the error messages and seeming to fail each time, I’m on 2.5.12 and things are working again - so thanks for the pointers.

I did then back up and try to upgrade to 3 but it failed the install.

It was getting late and I took that as a sign to leave it alone for the night. I’ll get back onto it somewhen during the week and check out the error messages etc and see if I can work out why.