I'm Dumb - How to use HabApp?

Hi all,

I’m trying to figure out where to be creating rules using OpenHAB3.

As I’m pretty good with python I figured it was time to get HabApp a try.

I’ve installed it using the openhabian-config command, and I see the directory it has created in /etc/openhab when in visual studio, but I don’t know where/if I should see/interact with it in MainUI, if it is running, how to interact with it to run a test script and see results.

‘which habapp’ returns nothing from the command line.

I don’t know if I’m dumb (Occam’s razor) or if something isn’t configured/installed correctly.

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You don’t use it via MainUI at all - it’s all configured outside of openHAB. See here for how to use it once it’s installed: Getting Started — HABApp beta documentation


Cool. That’s what I thought and happy to have confirmed.

Been up and down the guide four times looking for something I missed.

I got that rule created. How do i run it and see output in habapp? Where is the console?

Ok - it eventually hit me after I walked away for a bit… for anyone who is struggling like I was, here is what needs to happen to get started.

For initial testing, do not run the habapp service. Run it from the command line.

When you save the test rule, it will execute and output to the console so you can see that it is working.

output is also found in the log file:

so I’ll have to look at how to add this log to the openhabian log viewer, but I’m excited to be getting started with this.

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