I'm lost... How to share my configuration to explain my problems?

I’m a beginner and french, sorry but please help, it drives me crazy :slight_smile:
When i ask for help on the forum you ask me to share my setup but…

I can’t find anything in my configuration file


While my items are well created in openhab

I’m lost, please help, thanks

You will not find anything there, unless you put it there.

The “old” way to define Items since OH1 was to create xxx.items files. So lots of older examples will show this. And it still works in OH3 if you want to do it that way, but you have to make the files yourself.

The “new” way to define Items since OH2 is to use the GUI. These are stored somewhere else, no xxx.items files are created.
Screenshots of Item details are possible, a more exact way is to use API Explorer to show the Item detail and copy=paste it here in code fences. That will actually give more useful detail than you can get in one screenshot.

It’s a bit easier for Things and channels, if you view these in the GUI there is a [code] tab that shows you detailed text. Again, you can copy-paste to this forum, using code fences.


@rossko57 is very correct. I’ll just add that it is pretty much only Items where the “code” tab doesn’t exist. So for everything else including UI widgets and configs, rules, even Item metadata, there is a code tab and is we all for the config we really want the contents on that code tab. In code fences please.

code goes here

Due to some technical limitations with how Items are exposed in the rest api, a code tab for Items is not (yet?) feasible. So we will usually try to ask for specific info from the Item’s page, or a screen shot.

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