I'm lost in the modeling hell - Point not shown in all "Direct Parent Groups"

I’m trying to get familiar with the OH3 model. But to be honest I am completely lost in the new modelling hell.

I’m in a test system and try to understand how to model my KNX based home correctly.

One simple example. I got a KNX rollershutter actuator “JA1” located in the power distribution of the house controlling with channel B the rollershutter of the office room.

I created an equipment “JA1 actuator”, I created the location “office” and I created a non semantical group “rollershutters” that should contain all rollershutters of the house.

Now I created a “Point:Control” item that is linked to channel b of the knx thing that represents JA1. This item has set “Direct Parent Groups” of “office room”, “ja1 actuator equipment” and the “rollershutters group”.

When looking through the model I can see this Point under the equipment and the rollershutters group but it is missing in the office room.

I would expect that the hasLocation is incorrectly set to rollershutters (which is the group that groups all rollershutters). But I don’t know how to change that.

It would be great if someone could help me understanding the modelling hell. :smiley:

Thank you very much!

I started all my modeling in Items files and when i feel that i am ready i will import the files.

Any semantically tagged Item, be it a Location, Equipment, or Point Item can only be the direct member of one semantically tagged Group. So your Point:Control Item cannot be a member of the office room and actuator equipment at the same time. Make the equipment be a member of the office group and the point Item a member of the equipment group. The rollershutters group should be outside the model (no semantic tags) so it doesn’t matter to the model.

The model is designed to add some meaning to your Items by organizing them based on Location, not function. So your rollershutters Group would never be a part of the model.

Most devices have more than one sensor and/or actuator. So a device is represented by a Group with an Equipment tag. You put the Equipment in a single location by making it a member of that Group.

Each of the sensors and actuators on the Equipment are represented with Items with a Point/Property tag pair. These are made a part of Equipment by making them a member of the Equipment Group. They will inherit the location from the Equipment.

There are exceptions:

  • a Point Item can be a direct member of a Location if it doesn’t make sense to create an Equipment (e.g. Presence)
  • an Equipment can be a single Item instead of a Group if it only has a single sensor/actuator
  • an Equipment can be made up of sub-Equipment
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