Im Noob and need Help

Hi everyone, I need a lot of help.

I have read the guides that are on the home page of openhab, but I still have many doubts and I do not know where to start.

Can someone help me with more guides or via facebok to start my project?

I’ve already done a couple things with bindings that are for OH2, but I need help programming in HTML or JavaScript.

Greetings to all from Chile.

There are many many guides here, already waiting for you. You need to decide what things you want to do, then go and read the appropriate ones. Then comes the hard part – you have to do the work. If you come to a point in your work of getting things set up where you have specific questions, that’s the time to come here and ask.

Most of the initial setups people do don’t involve any programming.


I got to agree.
We don’t even know at what point you are.

Does this mean you have OH2 Installed and running?
If you want help you need to tell the community what you want and what you struggle with.

So in conclusion I have to agreee with @namraccr
Here is the User Manual
If I am looking for information about openHAB and bindings and need help I google like this.

site: ZigBee


site: ZigBee

Try this