I'm starting my home automation project, but I need some advice

Hi, I’m new here. Greetings from Spain.

I’m planning to automate my home and I think I’ve come up with a good and cheap way of doing it. I’ll start by automating my pool and garden lights. The idea is the following:

  • NodeMCU ESP8266 to control some relays (to activate pool motors and lights) and to control sensors (water temperature and PH). Other NodeMCU to control garden lights.
  • Raspberry PI with Openhabian installed, as brain of the system.
  • User Control / Interface. Tablet in my porch to control everything and as a multimedia device to play music.

Now a few questions.

  1. Do you think is it the right system? Should I re-think anything?
  2. I’m planning to add voice control in the future. I like Amazon Alexa. I would buy an Echo, but I’ve just discovered that you can install Alexa in a Raspberry PI. Can I install Alexa in the same Raspberry as Openhabian or in a different one?.
  3. I can use the Arduino IDE to flash the NodeMCU. However, my knowledge about programming is very limited. Could you provide some links where I could find code snippets to start with?.

Thanks for your help.

You may want to consider the ESP8266-based Sonoff wifi relays. They are less than $5 USD and can be used with openHAB, Alexa and other controllers.

Link: https://www.itead.cc/sonoff-wifi-wireless-switch.html

Running Alexa on the same device as OpenHAB should not be a problem as long as the device is powerfull enough (Raspberrry should be fine).

Easiest way without programming at all:



Thanks for your quick replies.

[quote=“steve1, post:2, topic:29296”]
You may want to consider the ESP8266-based Sonoff wifi relays. They are less than $5 USD and can be used with openHAB, Alexa and other controllers.

Here in Spain I can get them in Amazon. However, because of customs taxes they cost around 10 euros each. So, first I’ll give the NodeMCU and some relay modules a try.

Great, I’ll experiment with it.

Yes, I found the ESPEasy page when I was browsing the web looking for information. It’ll be my first option.

Thanks again

The Denkovi relay boards seem to work well for me. USB interface, and they can control directly up to 10amp 230volt, pretty good load. Some simple CGI scripts, and you dont even need Openhab’s immense capability and complexity.

Hi again. I’ve found a problem. I’m not an electrician, so I thought it was as easy as installing the NodeMCU and the relays inside the electrical boxes around home. I need the existing wall switches working if I want my wife to let me continue living here :slight_smile:.
I’ve found a schematic showing the connections, it involves using a 3-way switch and a relay. There’s no problem, most of my switches are 3-way. However, I’ve realized that with this setup, when the switch is pressed, Openhab won’t know it and it will reverse the state of the relay.

Any diy solution? I’m trying to avoid the commercial ones.