Image/album art resize in iOS app on every item change


I display SONOS album art in my sitemap using the image tag. While the behaviour is fine in BasicUI, in the iOS app the image seems to be reloaded on every item change causing the layout to always resize/jump around.

To be more specific:
I look at my kitchen sitemap part with the album art displayed and the light switches below. When I now click on one of the light switches in iOS (or even if I use the corresponding physical wall switch) and the itemvalue changes, the image disapears forcing the layout to collapse and then reloads again, changing the layout again.

This is quite annoying as after every itemchange you have to scroll again or wait until you can safely click the next switch.

Do you other guys have the same behaviour as well? Is there a way around it?


same behavior here: charts that reload on (all) item changes that happen on the same sitemap page

Is there an iOS developer here who has an idea about this?