Image Backup


I’m thinking of creating a backup image of running OH2.3.
Has anybody an idea how to create a Image of my openhabian (running on Pi 3B+ with SSD)?
(Target should be on a NAS)
I’ve tried using dd with a Blocksize of 1Mb … 8MB but it is simply to slow.
Other Pi’s in the network create image backups within 1,5 hours (32GB SSD or SD Card).
Only the Openhabian Imagebackup take up to 8…10 hours…

Anyone an idea, how to create a Image, while runinng OH in about 1 hour?

Thanks a lot


Also restore works … :grinning:

Install Amanda and add the raw device(s) to backup to the disklist file. It’ll run in the background and take care of everything. You can also use it to backup all mounted filesystems (in addition to and even in parallel to a raw device dump). That’ll just read existing files and thus might be a lot faster since most of your 32GB is likely to be empty and doesn’t need to get backed up anyway.
But no matter what tool you use - if that Pi takes that long, something’s broken. Did you run a fsck ? Do you still boot from SD ? If so, that one might already be corrupted.

Thanks a lot… will have a look.
No I’m booting via ssd

Hi Helmut,

JFYI: Backing up my 15GB eMMC takes 18min on Orangepi +2E


Hi Helmar…
Sorry for beeing slightly offtopic. But I noticed you´re booting your Rpi 3 from SSD.

Do you have any problems getting the Rpi to reboot?
After I have changed to boot from external SSD, whenever I reboot my Rpi3 B, it doesn´t reboot. ssh connection close, OpenHab2 stops etc, but other than that, nothing. I have to remove the power and insert again. And then it boots just fine. It´s pretty weird.

When I was using SD card, rebooting went fine.


no I don’t have the problem with the reboot. I’m running several RPIs with SSD.
Maybe there’s a kernelupdate available?



Thx… Will get it a try.

Hi I know this topic is somewhat old but just wanted to add that I followed Matt’s guide from MK Smart House found at which was a step by step guide for creating an image of your SD card running openhab and also running his simple script for creating a regular backup of the .things, .items etc files.
Hopefully this is of use to others who stumble on this thread.



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