Image card, Web frame card not working in iOS with local https url


I have a working sitemap with a webview: https://same-local-ip-as-openhab/subpath
It is working in desktop browser and in iOS app.

If I use the same url in the overwiew page in a web frame card, I get X-Frame-Option errror. No problem, I grant access to that:
Header always append Content-Security-Policy “frame-ancestors https://same-local-ip-as-openhab:openhab-port;”

After that it is working in desktop browser but not in iOS app, and not in iOS safari and chrome. I don’t understand why, chrome://inspect shows no error.

I tried a same with Image card as well. No X-frame error here, it is a local picture pubilshed on the same ip, 443 port and other subpath. The result is the same on the overview page: it is working in desktop browser and not from iOS browsers and app.

Desktop browser is my laptop, which is not the same as the openhab server and everything is in the same local network.
The not working sites and images are working in the iOS browser, but not from openhab overview page or iOS app.

What should I do? It is hard to debug it on the phone…

openhab server version: 3.3.0
ios app version: 2.4.56

What I want to display is image of my camera. I have an http url for that with host, port, user, password and the result is an image. If I use this http url, the web frame is working. But I don’t want to use url like this with sensitive informations, so I use apache to proxy this with a shorter https url. This is working everywhere except ios browsers and openhab app.

Can anyone explain why?

I think the problem is around the ssl certificate. I have a public facing part of my apache webserver with letsencrypt. But openhab and url of the camera is private, it is only for local usage. So the letsencrypt certificate is not good for the private hostname. Maybe that is the reason why I cannot reach my https urls from browser.
But why is it working with webview in sitemap?

One WA.
If I create a test.html file in the html directory of openhab with the following:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url='https://same-local-ip-as-openhab/subpath/'" />

It is working. I don’t understand why there isn’t any cert error.

Seems like it was user error :blush:
I recreated the webframe with the same content as the test.html, and now it is working.
I retry the same with the image card and it is working as well. I don’t understand what I missed earlier, maybe the trailing slash…