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how to display list of scrollable images using left right button using sitemap
Sitemap has Image [item=] [icon=""] url="" [label=""] [refresh=xxxx]
but i want lsit of images with scroll left right


I’m not aware of an easy way to do it unless you build your own HTML page that does it and then embed that in the sitemap maybe?

Can u please let me know how to do that.
May be some sample examples “to create own html page and then embed in sitemap”

Figuring out how to write the web page is something you will need to find help from on another forum. To include the web page on your sitemap see the Webview element on the wiki.

Assuming you are using OH2 since that’s where you posted…

Create your webpage that does what you want (scrolling left to right with your images). Put that page in conf/html. You can then access/view it in your sitemap. Note that /static/ points to the html directory, then you add to the url your html page or other folder structure.

 Webview url="/static/scrollingImages.html" height=10

how to do the same thing in openhab2
It seems to have extra things file