Image stopped refreshing with authentication on

I got a image from a webcam on one of the pages

Image url="" refresh=1000

In the brower on my computer the image does not refresh, but it does in the android app, which is enough for me.

Today I then set “security:option=ON” in openhab.cfg, and added my user in the users.cfg file. I can then log in, and invalid login attempts gets rejected. All cool, but now the image stopped refreshing in the android app too.

Disabling login makes the image refresh again. Is there a special trick for this?

Seems to be both images and charts not refreshing. :pensive:

I had the same problem, solution: change your configuration settings so the internal ip’s (including your openhab server) does not have to authenticate


'# the Netmask to define a range of internal IP-Addresses which doesn’t require
'#authorization (optional, defaults to ‘’)

But what then when I need to get in on it when I am not home? The problem is still there then.

No the charts are generated server side, so te requester is openhab itself,
so your local server.

That didnt do it, also, I never said it didnt generate them, the problem is they dont refresh in the browser. The image does update when I refresh manually, for both charts and images, but the automated refresh does not trigger.