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I would like to create a floor plan in openHAB 3. I saved the image file in the folder “\ IP_ADRESS \ openHAB-conf \ floorplans”.
What do I have to enter in the page configuration under Image URL so that the image is displayed to me. I’ve tried all possible combinations, but nothing really worked. Do I have to save the image in a different location on the Raspberry?

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Put it in /etc/openhab/html/floorplans
than URL is http://localhost:8080/static/floorplans/nameoffile.jpg


Thank you!
now it works

I have got the same problem. But even in the folder specified above, the image is not found.
Do I need to change permissions in the folder if necessary or something else.
I don’t know what is wrong. Http or https makes no difference. I’m using openHAB on raspberry 4.
I have changed localhost to openhabiandevice and the IP. But no effect. The picture wasn’t found in the browser too.
Has Someone an idea what could be wrong?
Thx in advance


What are the permissions of the file ? Is it owned by openhab – or by another user and readable for all then ?

did you notice this part of the path:
as in http://localhost:8080/static/floorplans/nameoffile.jpg
or http://192.168.1.???:8080/static/floorplans/nameoffile.jpg
or http://myOHname:8080/static/floorplans/nameoffile.jpg

Permissions are: 644
Now it works. I have only changed the filename with capital letters to lowercase letters.
For me this makes no sense, maybe it was the browser cache. I know know, but now it works.

Am I correct in assuming this is specific for linux? It does not work for OH3 on Windows.
Spent an hour getting frustrated until I saw another post stating that static translates to conf/html . That works on Windows.

I was able to get this to work on a Windows 10 machine with a jpg image by doing the following. Don’t know if it’ll work for other formats, but I was able to get something at least get something to show up :slight_smile:

  • Within the Floorplan of Openhab, set the Image URL to /static/floorplan/test.jpg
  • Put the image in folder C:\openhab-3.2.0\conf\html\floorplan on the Windows machine.
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FYI it is actually tooltipStyle without an s

(and can you please remove the link in your posting?)

Thanks @tzeench ! This worked for me as well, and I’m using openhabian (so linux).

Ever since I started with openhab3 the floorplan image did not work for me, so as a workaround I pointed to the remote address (so not localhost), but that gave issues because the android app uses https, and on my computer I use http. With your trick it now just works on both.

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