Image URL with HTTPS seems not to work


little by little I switch all my internal servers/services to my own PKI - yesterday my IP cams became new certificates. But since then, I do not get the image snapshots running in my OH sitemap (in OH habpanel it works without any problems).

I use the following image item config in my sitemap:
Image url="https://192.168.xx.yy/cgi-bin/api.cgi?cmd=Snap&channel=0&rs=test&user=xxx&password=xxx" refresh=5000

As mentioned above, the URL is correct. I can open it in a browser. My habpanel also works without any problems and displays the image. It is only a problem in the sitemap.

My OH server also uses a SSL certificate from same private CA.

Does anyone has an idea what is going wrong?

Thx + Regards!!

Any error message in the browsers developer consile ?


good idea!

I’ve checked the page load sequence via the developer console in FF:

For sitemap:

For habpanel:

  • The URL is not translated, the genuine URL is used here.

Sitemap UIs are using OH server proxy for image URL


yes, that is exactly what I can observe on the developer console resp. in the generated HTML code. But the question is, what is going wrong here? The only idea I have is, that it could be a problem with the certificate chain (e.g. if Jetty does not trust my custom CA; my browser has imported the custom CA into his CA store, but what about Jetty?)

The only thing which have been changed was, that the URL now uses HTTPS (=updated sitemap due to SSL certificates for IP cams) instead of HTTP (=former sitemap version).