Images, Video, Sitemaps, and Proxy

Hey guys, I’ve been looking into the various issues with the basic UI for a couple days now :

And I know what the problem is, and I know various ways to fix it, but I’m not sure which one would be the right way to do it.

The problem(s) :

The overall solution (generic) :
ImageRender and VideoRenderer can both be fixed by passing “sitemap” to them as a field(which has to be done in the PageRenderer) since there isn’t anyway that I can see that they can find their sitemap based just on the Widget. I’ve already done this here locally and it works fine and generates a valid “proxy address”. The proxy still needs to be fixed to actually display that content. To be able to do that, it’ll need to be made aware of the second Sitemap provider. This would probably mean that the proxy servlet would need to implement ModelRepositoryChangeListener so it can build up a list of providers.

Now on to the “I don’t know” :
Sorry for my getting into the game a little late here, but I don’t know the direction of all these things, so I’m not sure what is eventually “going away” and what should be the proper way to fix this. There are a ton of ways to make this right, though I’m not sure what is best here.

  • Should the rest service just generate the sitemap file? Of course then you’d need to handle that all over the place that has been coded for the 2 providers. Same of the other way around if all sitemaps were to be loaded into the UIComponent set.
  • Should we be using proxy, or are we now depending on nginx instance to do this for us? Is proxy still being supported moving forward?
  • I get that what was done here was a good effort to handle both UI items and file based, though would it make sense to create an abstract wrapper that does all this work for us(finding items in both(or many) providers?
  • Is using basic ui still a viable option going forward, or is the project leaning towards a different look for the UI with main UI and such. This has been broken and was reported quite some time ago and no one seems to care too much, so I’m wondering if I’m the only one?

Thanks your all your time, sorry this was so long.

And just so this is clear here, I’m not asking for anyone to fix anything, I already have the proxy as well as basic UI fixed and working here both for UI generated content as well as files based. I’m just checking to see if I’m going about this the right way.

Thanks again,

If you have a fix for a Problem create a Pull Request containing the changed code in the repository and reference the issue that is related. If you are going a wrong way the maintainers will tell you.

Yea, I get that, just don’t want to waste anyone’s time, everyone is obviously very busy with things.

It’s a fairly simple change, which does fix the issue, though I don’t know if they had better plans for how to handle this problem. The problem has been there since the change to OH3, this is not a new “bug”.

I’ve tried to find a road map of sorts so I know where they are going but was unable.

PR’s created :

Your’ best bet is to:

  1. File an issue describing the problem and how you propose to fix it. You can give it a little bit of time to see if anyone replies.

  2. Since it’s a simple fix, go ahead and submit a PR. Code speaks louder than words. If changes are needed they will be suggested. If not then you’ve help improve the product. In either case you will the the answer to your questions and help improve OH so it’s win win.

If the fix were more involved, it is often best to wait for feedback on the issue first before doing too much work. Major changes may impact others so they need to be coordinated more.

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Thank for the response.

There are issues filed already that are a month or so old, so I didn’t want to keep filing things. All of them seem to be stale as there has been no response in weeks which is why I started on my quest to fix it.

Honestly it’s the only issue preventing me from putting OH3 on my production setup, so it’s been a thorn in my side. haha

I submitted 2 PR’s(above) that handle the issue. Not sure if the way they wanted it fixed, but it’s out there now. Be happy to continue the work if the dev’s don’t like the way I did it. Just needed it fixed, haha.

Be patient!
The number of people who are checking the PR’s is limited and the limitations stated by Rick are valid for them even more.
On the other hand, if you could make changes, you could use them in your setup right away. Yes, I do understand hesitations to put changes on the production setup, but these changes woud have been made by a trusted agent. :wink:

Sorry I’m from the north east US, we don’t do patience very well to a fault sometimes. I did wait a couple weeks though, so I’m improving. :slight_smile:

The fix I came up with is in my staging environment now which is where I have a basic match of the production config(minus the full zwave setup).

I’ve been trying at night to knock off as many things that I have the hardware here to properly test that are in the issues lists. I have about 5-6 other issues that were reported that are on my “list” though that don’t directly affect me at all. Wanted to clear the showstoppers for my environment first.

Does anyone know if the dev’s have a “priority list” somewhere of issues they want to get tackled?

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